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Small businesses are what communities and economies are built on. In Canada, the United States and Latin America there are millions of small businesses. Most don’t make it past their first year.
Real Local Partners gives them a better chance of sticking around.

We’re a smart, agile and experienced group of business professionals who have pivoted our skills and expertise into becoming digital marketing coaches who help small-to-medium sized businesses establish, stabilize and leverage their online presence.

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Mike Giamprini

CEO, Managing Partner,

Chief Revenue Officer - Canada

Mike is a veteran of the local space and has been leading sales and marketing organizations focused on helping businesses thrive in a digital world. Mike created Real Local Partners with a deep knowledge of what small businesses need to do in the digital world to survive and prosper. As a business owner himself, Mike understands the passion and perseverance it takes to create and grow a successful business.

Mike is also a member of the Revenue Collective, a private community of sales and marketing leaders across some of the most successful companies in the world and has also held various executive roles within Ogilvy (WPP), MDC Partners, DAC Group and Yellow Pages.

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Allie Giamprini

Partner, Director - Digital Fulfillment

Allie comes from a backround in writing and design and has a sharp eye for detail. Growing up she never thought she had any artistic skills untill she discovered the world of layout and design. Now, Allie is passionate about taking a small business owner's vision and making it come to life on the world wide web. 

In between pdfs and urls, Allie has also had an exciting career in the travel and tourism space in Latin America where she was a tour conductor for many years before she co-founded a small travel agency with her husband. Allie loves an adventure, but what she loves the most is sharing adventures with other people from all around the world while learning about different cultures and ways of life.  

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Bryce Taylor

EVP, Chief Revenue Officer - USA

Bryce has a successful track record of 10+ years in Digital and Traditional Media from his experience working in Sales and Management roles at Rakuten, Deseret Digital Media, Simmons Media Croup, Citadel Broadcasting, Westwood One and AM/FM. His training at the Disney Institute enables him to be a problem-solving partner for our clients. He has also worked with major sports organizations like The Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, and the Dallas Mavericks to name a few.

Bryce enjoys the great outdoors, hiking in the mountains in the summer and snow shoeing in winter. His passions are extreme sports, and channeling his competitive nature to driving success for our Real Local Partners.

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Leo Arguedas 

EVP, Chief Revenue Officer - Latin America

Leo is an local business owner in the travel and tourism space in Costa Rica. His people skills and entreprenuerial spirit have guided him through a successful career in sales and customer service before starting his own business. Since becoming an entreprenuer, Leo sparked a new passion: helping other small businesses. Leo understands first hand the trials a tribulations of developing and growing a business and he knows how to help small business owners grow their business and succeed in a competitive market.

Leo enjoys exploring his home country in his free time, although he would never turn down the chance to take off on a international trip. You can find him hiking national parks searching for wildlife or sitting in a nearby river on a hot day. Leo loves to connect with people from all walks of life and enjoys lending a helping hand where he can. 

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